H/D Coolant Maintenance System

The Flo-Dynamics CMS-120 Coolant Maintenance System, with a single 20-gallon tank, allows a technician to quickly drain and refill a large capacity cooling system in minutes. Using push/pull technology, the CMS-120 simultaneously uses pressure and vacuum, speeding up both the draining and filling processes. Refilling without the need to spend hours bleeding air from a cooling system is easy, using push/pull technology and a vehicle’s Flush-Face Quick Connect Coupler cooling system adapter. Without the need to use a drain pan, you can safely and quickly drain a 14-gallon cooling system in approximately 10 minutes, and refill without air pockets in approximately 13 minutes. The CMS-120 will save repair time costs while creating a safer shop environment by preventing coolant spills.


Single 20-gallon tank with fluid level sight tube
Easy mobility cart with heavy duty 8” casters
Operates on shop air – no 120V or 12V power required
Push/pull technology enables you to:
  - Drain a 14-gallon cooling system in approximately 10 minutes
  - Fill a 14-gallon cooling system without air pockets in approximately 13 minutes
Easy to see coolant level in tank
Internally coated tank prevents rust contamination
Flush-face quick connect couplers and 5/8” – 3” hose adapter kits available


Dimensions: 56” H x 28” W x 24” D
Weight: 166 lb.
Fluid Tank: 20 gallons
Power: 115 psi shop air
Hose Length: 13' outside of machine
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Heavy Duty Coolant Flush