Coolant Flush System

The VacFill3 is faster, more efficient, and the preferred way of performing a coolant drain & fill service...

The old method of drain and fill service requires a lift, sometimes removing shrouds and even breaking a petcock all while taking up to 45 minutes. Flo-Dynamics' VacFill3 eliminates all that! Service can takes as little as 5 minutes, requires no lifts and can be performed on any vehicle.

Simply remove the radiator cap, insert the cone and begin the suction process. When you see no more old fluid coming out, switch to the desired fluid and it fills it to the top automatically. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Fast 5 Minute Service
Vacuums Out Unwanted Air
Easy Connection to Radiator Mouth
Uses Only Shop Air
Clear Hose for Visual Effect
Dual 7 Gallon New Fluid Tanks
7 Gallon Waste Fluid Tank
Enclosed and Protected Tanks
Easy To Operate

2 Separate 7 Gallon New Fluid Tanks
8 Gallon Waste Fluid Tank
Recessed Storage Area
Small Footprint
Extremely Easy to Use
Vacuum Gauge
Universal Cone Adapter Fits Any Vehicle
Easy to Move with two 10" Rear Wheels, 2 Locking Front Casters, & Handle.
VacFill3 Specifications
48.5"H x 23"W x 27"D
160 lbs
New Fluid Tanks
(2) 7 Gallons
Waste Fluid Tank
(1) 8 Gallons
115 PSI Shop Air
Limited 1 year
Coolant Flush
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