Advanced Nitrogen Generator


   LCD screen displays tire pressure of all four tires at start-up -
      identifies potential problems before N2 filling
   Integrated N2 Purity Tester provides live in-service N2 data
   Unique feature allows different settings of front and rear tire
      pressures and automatically fills to both levels
   Proven PSA technology assures fast and productive N2 output
   Expandable N2 output and storage - grows with your shops needs
   Nitrogen output of 96%+ assures valuable service
   Can service up to 6 tires at once (Optional T-Hoses required)
   Triple air and inline carbon bed filtration help extend the life of nitrogen
       producing sieves

Electrical: 12 Volts
Air Input: >16 SCFM @ >115psi
N2 Output: 8 SCFM @ 120psi
Hoses: (4) 24 ft. service hoses

N2 Storage: 20 gallon internal tank
Dimensions: 28"W x 36"D x 58"H
Shipping Weight: 371 lbs.

N2 Storage: 7 gallon internal tank
Dimensions: 23"W x 36"D x 58"H
Shipping Weight: 362 lbs.
Nitrogen Generators
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