Monty 3550
High Volume Tilt Tower Tire Changer

Hofmann's monty® 3550 series of high-performance tire changers feature the industry's most advanced capabilities to service a wide variety of wheel and tire assemblies. The monty 3550 series is specifically designed to change low-profile, high performance and run-flat tires maximizing a shop's versatility.


Accommodates Large Wheel & Tire Assemblies - Allowing for a tire diameter of 47" and an outer-wheel diameter of 26" on the monty 3550 (30" on monty 3550em,) the monty 3550/3550em can handle wheel and tire assemblies found on cars and light trucks

Dual Wheel Clamping Cylinders - Dual pneumatic clamping cylinders control all four clamping jaws, eliminating damage to wheel due to slippage

Four-Jaw Clamping Chuck - Self-centering and clamps wheel with either 28" inner or 26" outer diameter

Powerful Two-Position Bead Breaker - 6,000 lbs of power at the bead shovel and a range of up to 17" wide. The two-stage pneumatic cylinder provides precise power and can be toggled with the foot pedal as needed

Pneumatically-Controlled Mount/Demount Head - Push-button controlled mount/demount head pneumatically lowers and locks into position, automatically indexing away from the wheel to prevent contact and damage to the wheel and tire assembly

Protect the Most Delicate Wheels - All metal parts have plastic protection providing non-metal to metal contact when changing delicate wheels

Two-Speed Capability (EEWH747A) - 7 RPM for delicate and difficult activities, 14 RPM for speed


• Clamping range: 12" - 28"
• Outside clamping range: 12" - 26"
• Inside clamping range: 12" - 28"
• Capability: 70 kg
• Power supply: 115 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
• Dimensions: 75.6"L x 67.7"W x 89"H
• Weight: 975 lbs

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