Geoliner 920
Heavy-Duty Truck Aligner

With the Hofmann® geoliner® 920 Heavy-Duty Truck Aligner, checking wheel alignment on heavy-duty vehicles is faster and easier than ever before. Support for a wide range of vehicles, the geoliner® 920 Heavy-Duty Truck Aligner can perform alignments on everything from medium-duty trucks to mobile cranes.


In under four minutes, a single operator can measure a vehicle. Cut that time in half by simultaneously measuring the left and right side of the vehicle with a second operator.

Increase your revenue or support fleet maintenance with fast drive-thru alignment checks.

The area used to perform wheel alignments remains fully available for other tasks when there is no alignment in process.

Mount the targets to the floor or the wall for faster, easier setup time. The only devices left to be mounted on the vehicle are the wheel clamps and the corresponding measuring heads.

Light-weight, all-aluminum wheel clamps are easily mounted to a wide range of wheels, supporting inside and outside clamping.

Easy repair with real-time adjustments and user-friendly interface.


• Wheel size: 16” - 24” (406 - 607 mm)
• Number of axles supported: 10 (3 with included equipment)
• Shipping weight: 730 lbs
• Power requirements: 120-240V 1Ph 50/60Hz 15A
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Wheel Aligners

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