Geodyna 8200
Wheel Balancer w/ Non-Contact Data Entry & Diagnostic Functions

A video wheel balancer for cars and light trucks, the geodyna® 8200 series feature fully automatic data entry via scanner and Smart Sonar, the Power Clamp electromechanical clamping system, the pinpoint easyWEIGHT™ laser and touchscreen interface for unequaled productivity and unbeatable performance.


Radial Run-Out - High-accuracy laser technology measures degree of deviation from a perfect circle, enabling match-mounting to improve roundness and reduce geometric vibrations.

Power Clamp - The patented automatic power clamp electromechanically clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force, reducing the opportunity for chasing weight.

User Interface - Highly intuitive touchscreen user interface allows for rapid, time-saving selection of cycle modes: fully automatic with spoke detection, fast automatic without spoke detection and manual.

Automatic Spoke Detection - Scanner automatically detects number and position of rim spokes. Provides easy recall of split weight mode for hidden adhesive weights by simply pressing an icon on the screen.

Stop In Position - Automatically indexes the wheel to correction position depending on balancing.

easyWEIGHT - Pinpoint red laser provides fast, accurate, easy positioning of adhesive weights on the wheel, identifying exact weight placement locations for increased accuracy and productivity.

geodata Arm - A unique and patented alternative to easyWeight for the positioning of adhesive weights.

Rim Lighting - High-brightness LED lighting system allows for more accurate acquisition of rim dimensions, facilitates rim cleaning and weight positioning.

Telescopic Wheel Guard - Patented ergonomic wheel guard saves space in the shop while keeping the handle positioned at a comfortable height.


• Motorized: Yes
• Wheel clamping: Power Clamp
• Diameter of shaft: 40 mm
• Measuring speed: < 200 rpm
• Balancing accuracy: 0.035 oz
• Angular resolution: ± 0,35°
• Length of shaft: 225 mm
• Start/Stop balance time - Check spin: 4 seconds
• Rim diameter range: 8" - 32"
• Offset range: 1" - 20"
• Rim width range: 1" - 20"
• Max wheel diameter: 42 inch
• Max. wheel weight: 154 lbs
• Input power (amperage): 4 A
• Input power (VAC): 230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
• Dimensions: 76.4"L x 40.2"W x 61.8"H

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