Fluid Diagnostics
Quick Lubes & Service Centers say Fluid Rx “Ups Your Ticket Average” & “Improves Customer Retention” 

  • Expert Analysis by every employee every time
    No tools or special knowledge required!
  • Proof positive for your customer it’s time to change.
    Instant credibility for you and your technicians!
  • With Fluid Rx, every employee asks for the sale
    every time!
  • Reduces liabilities—Enhances maintenance records!
  • Knowledge is power—Improves customer loyalty!
Automotive Coolant Diagnostic Kits
70 Strips per Bottle
Tests All Automotive Coolants!
UNDERHOOD Fluid Evaluation

Testing & Diagnostics for: DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake / Conventional &
   F-Series Power Steering / Dexron & Mercon
Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) / Differential, Transfer Case, and
   manual transmission fluids
Science & Technology Overview with benefits of proper fluid preventative
Tri-fold panels open to a 15” wide by 6” tall presentation
One Teflon Fluid Sampling Tool, from Part #00808-5, with Science &
   Technology Overview / Testing & Diagnostics
100 Report Cards per box

Report Cards act as a permanent record for comparison and determining when the next service is needed.

The inner panels of the Underhood Fluid Evaluation Report Car, Part #85120, have a five spot test sheet framed by the diagnostics charts. They also include instructions for test and analysis and helpful customer information.

The exterior panels provide your customer with an overview of the science of chromatographic analysis, the importance of performing preventative maintenance and the benefits of servicing depleted fluids. The center panel provides documentation space for customer & vehicle information as well as the service provider name and location.

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