Fluid Remover

The Flo-Dynamics DEF EXTRACTOR is designed to remove contaminated fluid from the vehicle’s DEF tank. If the fluid goes bad or becomes contaminated by another fluid, the DEF EXTRACTOR will easily extract the fluid through the filler tube.


Designed to conveniently reach a variety of DEF tank locations
12’ service hoses (3/8” O.D. and 1/4” O.D. sizes)
2/3 GPM removal rate through 3/8” O.D. hose
3/8 GPM removal rate through 1/4” O.D. hose
12V 3.5 GPM pump
OPEN/CLOSE service hose valve
ON/OFF suction switch
30 gallon DEF tank
Manual lower drain valve
4 casters for easy mobility


Power: 12 Volts
Dimensions: 43”H x 23”W x 26”D
Tank Capacity: 30 Gallons
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Heavy Duty Coolant Flush
Open/Close Service Hose Valve
Manual Lower Drain Valve