Brake Fluid Exchanger

Flo-Dynamics now offers a fully automatic brake flushing machine that can service all 4 wheels in under 9 minutes....

Brake service is now more profitable!

Flo-Dynamics has eliminated the need for a second technician when performing a brake bleeding service. The BrakeMate provides the shop with the ability to flush and pressure test a brake system faster and easier than ever before. With a combination of automation, speed and effectiveness, the BrakeMate is the most proficient brake flushing equipment in today's market. Doesn't your shop deserve the best?

The BrakeMate simultaneously fills and vacuums the brake system to provide an efficient, safe and through way to flush the system.The Brakemate also follows the OE recommended flushing sequence.

Just 5 easy steps starting with: Clean out the master cylinder, connect the special master cylinder adapter, connect the 4 hoses and open all 4 bleeder valves and start the machine. No "babysitting" of the machine; no flipping of switches; it is all automatic. It is that simple!

Complete Master Cylinder Adapter Set
15 Foot Lines
Sight Glasses
Drain Reservoir Function
Top Off Ability
Fast 9 Minute Automatic Process
Full Flush Process 4 Wheels
Pressure Tests
Separate ABS Line
Automatic Shut-off on New Fluid Tank
Easy to Use

  Roto-cast polyethylene body and tanks
  Fully interactive control panel
  Ergonomically correct working height
  5-inch locking caster wheels
  Glass Sight Tubes

Dimensions:  39"H x 17"W x 31"D
Shipping Weight:  70 lbs.
New Fluid Tank:  7qt.
Waste Fluid Tank:  20qt.
Power:  12V DC from vehicle's battery

Brake Fluid Systems
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