As new as tomorrow, experience a quantum leap in performance and appearance with the new Super Comet.


Free-standing pump stand incorporating the motor, pump, water
   reservoir, chemical and heating tank.
Completely hydraulically driven with fingertip adjustment to control all
*NEW* fiberglass panels for sleeker design and softer marketing image
Programmable super controller.
Door control feature.
Machine mounted molded 8-panel instruction signs.
Enter / stop illuminated entrance sign.
Automatic vehicle sizing system
Multi-colored foaming system.


R.O. Systems
Stainless steel frame
Two-step pre-soak
Custom graphics
Hydraulic reservoir heater
Marketing banners
Machine mounted or free-standing drying system
High pressure undercarriage wash
Activation systems configured with deluxe merchandising feature
Water softening system
Dryer countdown timer
Reclaim ready
Temperature door control feature
Freeze protection option
High pressure rocker panel tire cleaning low pressure chemical
   application system
Car Washes
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