Power Steering Fluid Exchanger

Maintain the vehicle's power steering performance by easily & quickly replacing the old power steering fluid and harmful deposits with new fluid.

Replaces up to 95% of the old power steering fluid in less than 8 minutes.
New and used fluid reservoirs.
Clear hoses for visual confirmation of new and used fluid movement.
New and used fluid on-off switches.
Battery cables hook up directly to vehicle's battery.
Dual pumps and service hoses drain and refill power steering system through the system's reservoir.

Removes harmful deposits from the steering system.
Conditions and revitalizes seals.
Prevents hard steering in cold climates.
Reduces power steering system wear.
Eliminates rack and pinion stiffness.
Eliminates power steering noises and whining.
Cleans up sticky turbines and pumps.
Ensures a long, trouble-free life for the steering system. 
PSX2000 Specifications
20"L x 10 1/2"H x 9"D
10 lbs
New Fluid Reservoir
2 Quarts
Used Fluid Reservoir
2 Quarts
Operating Current
15 amps
Battery Cables
12V DC, 30 amp
Power Steering
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