Diesel Component Flusher

The Flo-Dynamics DCF-35, Diesel Component Flusher, cleans CAC / intercoolers, radiators and other diesel cooling and intake system components of carbon, oil, and foreign debris. Unlike other aggressive cleaners on the market that attack aluminum, our cleaner is aluminum safe and won’t harm seals and metals. Our cleaner is specially formulated to soften and dissolve carbon, break down oils, and leaves no harmful film. Flushing at up to 45 GPM will clean out the entire component of foreign fluids and debris. Unlike other units that can take a half a day to warm up our flusher includes a circulation mode that accelerates the heating process obtaining a safe flushing temperature in approximately 90 minutes.


Clean & flush CAC / intercoolers after turbo or engine failures in approximately 2-3 hours (plus R&R time)
45 GPM 120V Pump
1300W 120V Heater – Heats up cleaner and water solution in 90 minutes using hot water
Easy and safe to use with GFI protection
35-gallon tank allows flushing large  intercoolers, cooling systems and components
Easy mobility with heavy duty casters
Circulation mode for faster warm up
Included step adapters connect to 5/8” – 3” component inlets and outlets


Dimensions: 42”H x 24”W x 28”D
Weight: 145 lb.
Fluid Tank: 35 gallons
Power: 120V AC
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